A new project product or service: SEED is an approach to deeply understand a context and create an specific solution, setting paths to achieve it. We combine human-centered design methods, such as design thinking and metadesign, with business strategies and user experience to develop an effective and context-appropriate solution

Ideal for

Complex problems MVP

Complex problems need specific solutions. SEED methodology support teams to find answers, define the ideal situation and create strategies to achieve it.

Beggining projects

From the current context, we define the key points that impact the success of the project - as the main milestones, objectives and stakeholders.

Projects with multiple teams

Bringing many people together on a project brings challenges. SEED supports the definition of all the people involved, their demands and the available resources.


  • Agility to find a solution
  • Business and design strategy
  • Clarity about the process
  • Engagement of all involved
  • Think about the user experience from day one
  • Enhancing viability


  • Design workshops
  • Work meetings with experts in design and technology
  • Mapping the current situation and the requirements of the desired situation
  • Solution prototypes, diagrams and wireframes
  • Video to present the solution in a didactic way
  • Report about the created solution

Who tried SEED

Caiena is a strong business partner who really believes its team and processes and, therefore, discuss all the projects possibilities. Its will to achieve sustainable results and bring value to our business is always present.

— Willy Araujo, IT Infraestructure Manager, Ambev

It was a great experience working with Caiena. Its careful and hardworking team seeks to understand the project’s needs and develop the best solutions.

— Instituto Tellus
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SEED is an approach developed and executed by CAiena – Technology and Design, company with over 15 years of experience in design and technology applied to public policies and innovation for great organizations in Brazil and Latin America.